About Miori Martial Arts

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Miori Martial Arts, you have made the right choice!
30 years of experience, Master Instruction, and 3 area locations
( Cicero, Dewitt & Cazenovia ) make us a leader of martial arts in the Syracuse area.

Miori Martial arts specializes in Shaolin Kempo Karate, which incorporates 3 advanced martial arts styles:
Karate (Japanese), Kung-fu (Chinese) and Jiu-Jitsu (Japanese). This provides a very different and efficient well rounded system, which gives a true sense of confidence for self-defense.

Our students have many different goals which they train to attain. Some students train with us for self-defense and awareness (they want the best for their families safety). Others are looking for focus and discipline, yet others are seeking fitness, stretching, and stress relief. Most are looking for fun, and excitement. What ever the reason for initially enrolling, all students are continually training to become an expert which is achieving the level (rank) of Black Belt.

After just a few classes on our introductory program you too will enjoy our classes, Master instruction, friendly staff, and our unique method of instruction.

Throughout the year we have many seminars, demonstrations, and shows for students to perform in, and families to attend. Our testing is done in the traditional way with thorough Master & Black Belt progress evaluation, and includes a promotion ceremony as acceptance to a higher level of training.

We also do many extracurricular events such as: Self-defense / awareness seminars, Birthday parties, After school programs, Health and fitness fairs, School assemblies, On site festival, specialty, or large sporting event demonstrations, Single session classroom and executive presentations, etc. If you think of something not listed here please call us!! Most of these events can be done either at one of our studio locations, or onsite at your facility.

Ready set go! Kick into action! The best way to find out what we are all about is by taking the next set and being part of our class. We have an introductory offer designed especially for you, and we are holding a spot for you right now in class so reserve your place today.

We train all ages 3-1/2 on up! Men, Women, Teens, & Children, both group & private lessons are available. Add a positive new dimension to your entire families lives today!