Master Rick Miori

Additional Info

  • Location:

    Cicero Dojo

  • Rank: 7th Dan

I personally thank you for your interest in Miori Martial Arts. It has always been my mission to see that children receive the best possible Martial Arts training. This is especially important in their beginning stages. For over 25 years of teaching School programs I have prided myself in personally being involved in teaching these programs. I believe that parents should expect the best and be confident in receiving the best training for their children.

Master Instruction = Master Results

  • Involvement in Martial Arts for over 35 years.
  • Over 25 years of hands-on teaching experience.
  • Has extensive training in Child protection/Awareness courses.
  • A Certified 7th degree Black Belt Master Instructor.
  • Nationally Recognized, has helped develop studios in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Worked in, and trained local law enforcement.
  • Works with many area Elementary/Parochial Schools.
  • Contributes Thousands of dollars each year to charitable organizations.
  • Is a member of area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Held a Regional Director position in an International Martial Arts organization.
  • Held a Vice-President position with a Martial Arts organization in the North East.
  • Owns and operates Miori Martial Arts studios in Central New York.

"Our unique method of instruction will make a positive change in your child’s life"