Master Donna Miori

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  • Location:

    Dewitt Dojo

  • Rank: 6th Dan

Donna Miori is a 6th degree Black Belt and has been training in this style of martial for almost 30 years. She has been teaching as a full time instructor for 26 years and has been a Master instructor for over 14 years. She started as any other student has. She joined with an interest in being able to defend herself. Immediately upon starting she found many other reasons to stay with it for the rest of her life. Becoming an instructor was not one of them.

Once she started teaching, she enjoyed the challenge of understanding the way people, different age groups, learn. She devotes herself to applying different methods to different people so they can reach their goals and discover new ones. She prides herself in treating people like family, and making every one of her students feel comfortable. That is the example she sets, so her students learn to do the same for others.

During her career, Master Donna has organized P.K.L. and S.K.I karate tournaments. More recently, she has organized the studio’s yearly All Star Showcase. This is an exciting event for the students of all 3 locations to participate in. She has done many self defense courses and demonstrations in house, as well as on location. She has been inducted into the National Black Belt Hall of Fame.

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