Master Beth Fragale

Additional Info

  • Location:

    Cazenovia Dojo

  • Rank: 5th Dan

Master Beth Fragale began her martial arts training in 1990 under the instruction of Rick and Donna Miori in their North Syracuse studio. What began as a fun and interesting activity she had wanted to do for some time, turned into something very different. Her training helped her to be more confident and after two years of training, she was accepted on the Assistant Instructor training program. Then, after receiving her 1st black belt in 1993, she was accepted on the Instructor program, which included training on running a full time studio as well as teaching classes.

1993 was also an important year for the studios. Rick and Donna opened a satellite school in Cazenovia in March, operating four days a week. From that point Beth was a part of three busy studios, working a full-time job during the day and instructing classes in the evening. Two years later, Cazenovia was ready to expand to a full schedule of six days each week, and Beth took the opportunity she was offered to run it full time.

Over the years, Beth continued her training, learning many of the traditional weapons as well as furthering her knowledge of this art. She has also had the benefit of helping to organize and participate in many tournaments, shows, demonstrations, and seminars, as well as running successful after school programs. Each of which has given Beth the opportunity to share her knowledge and pass on the confidence she has gained to each of her students .